bridal makeup artist in Denver CO

Bridal Makeup Artists in Denver

Bridal Makeup Artist in Denver COAnd now for one of the most important decisions that you will make in regards to your BIG DAY - BRIDAL MAKEUP!! Maybe you have already sifted through hundreds of inspiration pictures on Pinterest or Instagram or maybe you haven't even thought about it. Either way your bridal makeup is one decision that should have some extra attention and thought. After all, it is your face that will be seen in pictures and videos for many years to come. Our bridal makeup artists, located and serving Denver, Boulder, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and surrounding areas, are very proficient at all styles of bridal makeup. Nonetheless, communication between you and your wedding makeup artist is key to achieving the perfect look for you. Here are some of our professional suggestions to consider when making a decision about your bridal makeup:

  • Don't go too "trendy" with your bridal makeup. Keep it timeless! This doesn't mean you should not do a smoky eye if that is what you desiring. However maybe skip the bright green or blue lips that are so popular on social media right now. You want to be confident that in 20 years, when you are watching your wedding video or looking at your pictures, you don't end up regretting a decision to follow a trend that is no longer popular or translates to future styles.
  • Find a balance between looking good in photos and being comfortable talking to your guests face to face. Our bridal makeup artists are amazing at executing a gorgeous look for you that will translate well in pictures as well as make you feel like a queen as you are greeting and chatting with guests.
  • Think it through. We have many brides that come to us and say, "do whatever you want, I have no preference.” This is usually untrue. You do have preferences and that is perfectly fine and normal. If you just want to keep it natural and basic that is not a problem. But we do suggest some basic research such as looking at some natural wedding makeup ideas on IG, Pinterest or even our website. We have many brides that will send us pics of makeup that we have already done.

Here are a few other things to consider and let us know so that we can make the most out of your wedding makeup trial and day of wedding makeup service:

  • What is your daily makeup routine?
  • Do you keep it pretty natural or do you do the glam thing everyday?
  • Are you wanting to conventional/regular foundation or airbrush foundation and do you know the difference between the two?
  • Do you wear eyeliner and if so do you wear on top and bottom, on the waterline (inside of eyelid), or smudged into the lash line?
  • Do you have lip color preferences? We suggest leaving the darker colors for makeup look with a more natural or muted eye and lighter more neutral colors go great with the heavier smokey or glammed eye wedding makeup looks.
  • Are you wanting to wear false lashes and if so have you worn them before? Our wedding makeup artists are able to do either strip lashes or individuals lashes with your wedding makeup. It is advised if you will be wearing the semi-permanent lash extensions to have them filled a week or so before your wedding day so they are fresh and not gappy.
  • Do you like contouring and highlighting?

Do not worry if you are not familiar any of the terms above, please feel free to ask your wedding makeup artist any questions that you may have. It is our pleasure to explain everything and also to make the appropriate tweaks if necessary during the trial and wedding day to ensure that you are more than happy with the end result!


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